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About Lebel Electro:

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After many years working for a national appliance repair and maintenance company, Sylvain Lebel chose to create his own business : Lebel Electro inc., which sums his twenty-five years professional expertise.

Lebel Electro has developped an outstanding technical expertise in mechanical and electrical problem solving. The business’ success also resides in its team’s professionalism, its capacity to establish a trusting relationship with its clients, based on its promise to deliver the best after-sales service possible.

In addition, in order to answer the needs of a broad clientele, Lebel Electro’s technicians have received a specialized training to install and repair a wide array of appliances, conventional as well as high-end.

Rest assured that Lebel Electro car offer an excellent service to all its clients, no matter the type of appliance.

We look forward to serving you!

Our Management Team

Sylvain Lebel

Sylvain Lebel


Sylvain Lebel enters your home as he would his own, approaching your installation or reparation as if he was the customer himself.

This is why he takes excellent care of your house’s cleanliness, during his intervention, using protection covers, for example, or placing his tools in just one spot.

Sylvain takes your satisfaction at heart, and therefore will provide additional advice to help you enjoy your appliances for a long time.

Isabel Vincent

Isabel Vincent

Customer Service Manager

For over 20 years, Isabel makes sure you are satisfied with Lebel Électro’s services, from the first phone call to the last cleaning swipe after our intervention.

Always seeking to establish a strong trusting relationship with her customers, Isabel brings to life this family business’ values: devotion, audacity passion.

Her active listening skill allow her to offer solutions that not only meet your needs, but also make the upcoming intervention easier. She is the one who makes sure the appointments are quickly set, that the necessary part is in the truck or tool box of Lebel Électro’s team, guaranteeing that our technicians will be able to repair or install your appliance easily.

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