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Isabel Vincent

Isabel Vincent

Customer Service Manager

Isabel Vincent is the first person you talk to, at our customer service, when you need us! Her mind set on customer satisfaction, Isabel aims at building a trusting relationship with you, to help you save your problem quickly. Thanks to her great active listening skill, she will suggest a solution that fits your situation and your problem.

Nothing is more frustrating than a broken or malfunctioning appliance, as it always happens at the worst time possible. Isabel understands you and her long experience of 20 years with Lebel Électro will allow her to find a way to first protect your safety and your property, then making sure our team will visit you soon, whether using our VIP Service or a regular service call.

You can hear her smiling on the phone, and you can bet that, being dedicated to you, Isabel will make you sure you smile, too.

Contact our customer service department and we will be pleased to talk to you!

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