Lebel Électro Can Install or Repair Your Wine Cellar

Having a wine cellar in your kitchen or dining room is stylish and practical, and Lebel Électro can install, maintain and repair your cellar.

Easy access to your favorite wines will make your evenings with friends and family more relaxed, as your bottles will always be at the right temperature, within easy reach.


You just started your wine cellar installation project? Many experts offer advice, among which this article; or you may drop by the SAQ for a few tips and wine suggestions. Many basic advices will help you choose, among which the importance of coloured glass to protect your bottles from UV rays, a stabilizing protection against vibrations, as well as a humidity controller. Many functions are practical but not essential, such as sliding shelves or the possibility to apply removable stickers on shelves – which will indicate, for example, the purchase and ideal consumption date of your favorite wine.

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