VIP Service


VIP Service



It’s already stressful and frustrating enough when an appliance breaks or does not work properly, the last thing you want is reorganizing your schedule.

Our usual business hours are Monday to Thurday, 9 AM to 5 PM, and Friday from 8 AM to noon. Instead of getting a time frame of a few hours for your appointment, you can get a priority appointment before our opening hours, making sur you don’t need to miss work or an important activity after 9 AM. For only 45$*, reserve your time slot and keep doing what you like, free of mind. Ask about our VIP Service with our customer service.

* Please note our VIP Service fee applies on one appointment only, the 45$ fee will be added to one (1) service call. We do not offer VIP Service after 5 PM on Monday through Thursday and after noon on Fridays.


Lebel Electro VIP Service

Call us to book your priority appointment!

VIP Service cost: 45$ per call

Secure your peace of mind!